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Why I am a good Copywriter

Through my 10+ years of experience, I have written copy for multiple Fortune 500 companies, from social media posts, brochures, tag lines and ad copy to articles published in The New York Times. I have a broad knowledge and expanding curiosity which lends a sense of story to my copy which captivates audiences, while still keeping in line with your desired KPIs

My Experience

How I can be an asset to your marketing team

MarCom Copy

I started my copywriting journey working for Disney in Hong Kong. Here I honed my copywriting skills, learning the importance of story to create the Disney Magic. From there I brought my skills to an Ad Agency, and further to my own copy focused business. In these 10 years, I have written copy as long as brochures, and as short as tag lines for many large multinational companies in a variety of industries.

Web Copy / Social Media

While story and messaging is important in web copy and social media, it is also crucial to consider SEO and overall campaign strategy. Copy needs to be designed to achieve the specific outcome of the marketing campaign, whether that be lead generation, click throughs, brand awareness, engagement, or other KPIs. I always work closely with the marketing team to meet and exceed these goals with my copy.


I have written advertorials on behalf of a variety of clients that have been published in large media publications, such as The New York Times. I have written about a variety of topics, including tourism, oil, finance and cryptocurrency. I know that deadlines are important for publication, so I always reply fast, adapt changes and write until clients are happy.

UI Copy

UI copy is the final step in creating a rounded user experience. Word choice not only can define user actions, steering them towards intended paths, but can also influence the perceived usability of an app or website. I will help you craft robust UI copy, working closely with the UI UX design team to create a seamless user journey.

Branding and Strategy

Marketing, branding, and strategy go hand in hand to help grow a business, however it can be tricky to understand how each step of the process happens along the way. I have helped clients with budgets ranging from 100USD a month to 100,000USD a month to define their marketing strategy, create their brand look and track their campaign effectiveness.

Creativity and Thought Leadership

In my free time, I like to write about writing and marketing, which can be seen in my blog. I also have longer projects that I am working on, and silly projects on my Instagram. It is my ambition to become a published author, though this is something I'm slowly chipping away at, when the right inspiration and mood hits.

Companies I have written for

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